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Kevin Vanden Berge, MD is a board certified, general orthopaedic surgeon,

focusing on arthroscopy,  joint reconstruction, and fracture care.  Dr. Vanden

Berge serves the greater Stephenville, Texas area and offers both surgical and

non-surgical treatments for all bone and joint disorders.



Dr. Vanden Berge uses advanced arthroscopic and open surgical techniques

to treat a number of bone and joint related conditions and sports injuries.

He is among an elite group of orthopaedic surgeons selected to train as

fellows under the guidance of the orthopaedic team at the renowned UT

Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.  Dr. Vanden Berge brings

these leading edge, advanced techniques to patients in the Stephenville area

seeking treatment for their orthopaedic and sports related injuries. Through

research and unparalleled techniques, Dr. Vanden Berge strives to improve

treatment outcomes that help his patients live active and pain-free lives.

His orthopaedic specialties include treatment of shoulder and knee injuries

as well as the use of novel techniques in treating ACL, meniscus, and

cartilage injuries of the knee including joint replacement.



Regardless of how minor or complex the injury, Dr. Vanden Berge understands that each patient and case is unique. His approach to treatment is based on the  individual patient needs. Dr. Vanden Berge is committed to helping his patients return to their desired activity level as soon as possible.


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