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Stem Cell Injections

Dr. Vanden Berge has recently stared performing stem cell injections in his office here in Stephenville. Stem cell injections are being used in the treatment of many conditions including osteoarthritis. For patients who are not ready for surgical intervention, stem cell therapy may offer an alternative. At VB Orthopaedics, stem cells are harvested from your own bone marrow and injected into the affected joint or around ligaments and tendons. The process is completed in the office, and most patients report relief in joint pain, swelling, and stiffness.


Can stem cells improve your joint pain without surgery?

As we age, our bodies can deteriorate leading to pain, stiffness, and swelling. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common chronic joint conditions, but there are numerous ailments that stem cells are used to treat. If you are suffering from joint pain, are stem cells an option for you?

What are stem cells?

Stem cells come from your own body, and they are found mainly in bone marrow and adipose tissue. Stem cells are specialized cells that have the ability to turn into other cell types and multiply. Our team will harvest stem cells from your bone marrow in clinic and inject the cells into the affected joint, ligament, or tendon. Extracting these cells and concentrating them to inject into a damaged area helps the body heal naturally. The cells can promote healing in acute and chronic injuries. In theory, the cells will divide and develop into different types of cells to help alleviate pain, improve your function, and repair damaged cartilage. They will also release special chemicals to help decrease inflammation.


The primary risk occurs while harvesting the stem cells. A large needle is inserted into your pelvis to remove the cells. There is a risk of pain, swelling and possible infection at both the harvest site and the injection site.

Although stem cell injections seem promising, the treatment option is still quite new. There is limited research available to support the use of stem cell injections in the treatment of arthritis, and the use is still considered experimental at the time. Currently, it has not been proven that stem cells will regrow cartilage, but early studies may show that it is a possibility.


Due to the early stages of its uses, stem cell therapy is not covered by health insurance at this time. Please call our office today to discuss cost and determine if this may be a treatment option for you. (254)-968-0292


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